Fight Aging Without Surgery With TempSure Envi

Do you feel that who you see in the mirror doesn’t reflect the vibrancy and beauty you want to send out to the world? 

You might have investigated options to gain a more youthful appearance that include surgery or needles, neither of which you want to consider as options. 

Fortunately, these are no longer your only choices! Dedicated internist Dr. Shubi Shahida offers an option that will take years off your appearance and leave you feeling so much more confident — still 100% you, but better!

Help! My skin needs a “tune-up!”

If you’re discouraged by time’s effect on your skin’s texture and surface, you aren’t alone. Wrinkles and sagging can be real downers when you have a full life and want to face the world with confidence and feel great about how you look.

You may have tried creams, facials, scrubs, and other potions that are long on promises, but short on results. The root problem as you age is that your skin’s production of collagen, a protein that gives your skin elasticity, decreases as you age, leaving gravity to take its toll.

And the thought of plastic surgery may understandably cause you panic. The pain and significant downtime that accompany such surgery can really interrupt your daily life, from work to hobbies and family time. 

Minimize the signs of aging in the safest, easiest way possible

Since Dr. Shahida values innovation, she adopted one of the most advanced treatments for tightening and smoothing skin: Tempsure Envi(™). It was developed using radio frequency (RF) technology, which, when delivered by Dr. Shahida, offers numerous benefits:

The heat initiates a healing response underneath your skin and with that comes the production of collagen. Best of all, this treatment is relaxing and feels more like a massage treatment you’d receive at a spa than a cosmetic procedure. 

What results can I expect for my skin?

We’re confident you’ll be delighted at the transformation you see in your skin after a TempSure Envi treatment. You’ll appreciate that it’s gentle, whereas many other techniques cause swelling and redness. This treatment is also effective on all skin types, so no one is disqualified as a candidate for TempSure Envi.

Right after Dr. Shahida delivers your treatment, your face feels and looks tighter, but you continue to see results over time as your body continues to produce collagen, working to smooth lines and fill in your face’s hollow areas. 

You glow, girl!

There’s no question that TempSure Envi will win you over after your first treatment. Feel free to view our website’s Gallery section, where you can truly see the power of this treatment to refresh your skin.

If “radiant” is how you want to be described, then look into TempSure Envi. Give our office a call, or book an appointment online. Smoother, tighter skin is only a treatment away!

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