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Are You at Risk for High Cholesterol?

Your body requires cholesterol to perform its daily functions, but too much can cause a number of serious problems. Read on to learn more about high cholesterol and to determine if you have any of the risk factors for developing it.

Apr 1st, 2020
Understanding Radiofrequency Technology

If you’re exploring ways to tighten and firm your skin, but you can’t afford any downtime, you may be a candidate for nonsurgical skin tightening. Read on to learn more about radiofrequency technology and how it can help you accomplish your goals.

Mar 3rd, 2020
What to Do When It's the Flu?

Your muscles ache. Your nose is running. You suddenly feel very tired and feverish. Sounds like you’re coming down with the flu. Read on to learn what you can do to care for yourself when you’re sick.

Feb 1st, 2020
The Link Between Diabetes and Obesity

Have you wondered if being overweight could trigger diabetes? A correlation between obesity and diabetes exists, but there are treatments and other lifestyle changes that can be made to help in your fight against these two conditions.

Jan 5th, 2020
What Does Menopause Do To Your Skin?

If you’re nearing or in menopause, you realize your body is changing. So is your skin. You may see veins, lines, and wrinkles that weren’t there last month. The TempSure™ Envi skin revitalization system can help reverse those signs of aging.

Nov 1st, 2019
Fight Aging Without Surgery With TempSure Envi

If you long to see a younger, more energetic you in the mirror, you can get there without surgery, needles, or downtime. This revolutionary treatment uses technology that harnesses the power of heat to smooth and tighten your face.

Oct 1st, 2019
7 Tips for Combating High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a risk factor for blocked arteries, heart attack, and stroke. Taking some important steps — such as eating healthy, being active, losing weight, and quitting smoking — can improve your cholesterol levels.

Aug 13th, 2019
Lifestyle Changes to Fight Diabetes After 40

Diabetes has become so commonplace that many people don’t understand the severity: Unmanaged diabetes can result in blindness and nerve damage, among other things. Try implementing these lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of diabetes.

Jul 1st, 2019
Best Treatment Options for Your Arthritis

We know how difficult it can be to live with the debilitating pain of arthritis. Luckily there are some innovative treatment options that can help you with your pain.

Jun 1st, 2019
Understanding the Link Between Stress and Hypertension

Are you one of the 75 million Americans living with high blood pressure? It’s possible that your high blood pressure could be caused by stress. Read on to better understand the link between stress and hypertension.

May 15th, 2019
Get Ready for Summer, Start Laser Hair Removal Now

Looking forward to the skin-baring fashions that come with summer but not the shaving, plucking, and tweezing that’s necessary for smooth, summertime skin? Start laser hair removal now and be ready to toss the razor when June claims the calendar.

Feb 11th, 2019